A Year Of Happiness

Being a new mom to a one year old little girl is a whole new experience that brings so much joy, motivation, perseverance, determination, sleepless nights, tons of patience and never-ending diaper changing. Ever since, I always wanted to have a child to give the best of everything like quality education, healthy living, a good environment and beautiful memories to create that last for a lifetime. Now that she’s growing so fast, I am very much overwhelmed with so much things going on my mind, plans about her future, her school, her personal choices in life and more things about her well-being.

I feel so lucky that I was able to accomplished a year of motherhood. Well…that being said, it is not an easy task while completing my deadlines and projects at school. When our baby arrived last year, I am in the process of completing my early childhood training practicum and other projects at school. IMG_3644

Taking a nap after feeding. She’s only a week old here. Very soft and tender. She looks so comfortable on that suit. I need to cover her tiny hands so she won’t scratch herself again.


Two months after she was born, I was able to finished my reports at school. It’s truly a breath of fresh air that I finally accomplished my paper works, did well during presentation at the class. Luckily I got an A+!. Yes, after those handwork, sleepless nights, taking care of my precious little one while doing my projects was totally paid off.

Three years ago, I’m reluctant to take a course that is way far related from my college degree. As a Hotel Management graduate and then shifted my interest to education. Being passionate with children, I follow what my heart desires. There is a strong urge or feeling deep inside that I have that special calling in me saying “You need to work with children”. And that’s how the story started. I research about education, what does our community need for the coming years, what do mothers like me need to know about their child, how child’s brain works, how does each child develops in each stages of their life and many more to mention. I wanted to explore and learn more about child’s ability to learn according to their developmental years. As a new mom, this experiences and knowledge was truly beneficial not only to my own child but also to the lives of my students.

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