The Hopes Of Our Future



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When I started to take the course in Montessori Early Childhood Training, I promised to myself that I am going to make a difference to many children. As a mom, teacher or educator, it’s been a part of me to dream big and make it a reality. We’ve been living in a world full of cruelty and materialism and seems like the humankindness was a thing of the past. The fact that all the things happening around us affects the children. They see us as a mirror. We portrait our self as a role model to our children. What they hear and see will surely goes into their brain quickly. Their brain absorbs informations rapidly just like how they grow fast. I’m a strong believer. I have my hopes and aspirations that our children will be responsible, ambitious, better leader, creative thinker, strong, compassionate, analytical, resilient, mindful and independent. But in reality, there are more kids that are stuck at home with a family relative or part time nanny. Their parent needs to go to work. If that’s the case, there are always a solution!

Montessori method is a universal way of learning. It can be taught at home. Children will learn basically at home. Parents can teach their children some basic household chores like we do in a “Practical Life” studies. Practical Life are skills that normally starts at home. It’s a basic activities we do like washing, sweeping, dusting, setting up the table, pouring, transferring, scooping and many more activities that we usually do at home. Remember that we are not giving them a task with a reward after they have done something. A simple gesture of recognizing their accomplishment can boost their self esteem and self worth. Let us provide a time for this activities for them to learn and be recognize of their great work. We’re not only teaching them to help at home, but we are preparing the children for their life in the future.

My personal experience as a Montessori guide/directress, had taught me a lot in creating an effective or what we call “prepared environment. These knowledge helps me to teach passionately. Join me here for more helpful insights. 

“The child is endowed with unknown powers,which can guide us to a radiant future. If what we really want is a new world, then education must take at it’s aim to the development of these hidden possibilities.” Dr. Maria Montessori


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