Treasure Basket Or Discovery Basket For Toddler 


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I am sharing today our discovery basket I prepared to include to our toddler shelves. This is made of different colors, shapes, textured objects. The brush was embedded with the other stuff so not quite visible but I can see it. Here it goes, a simple “toddler discovery basket” or “treasure basket”. I picked simple objects that are safe and age appropriate. I can always add more items slowly. Babies and toddlers loves to explore with all their senses that more often they will also taste the object and put it in their mouth.

Here is another photo of a simple treasure box. This is mostly made from natural items like wood, sea shells, dried bark, dried seed and I included a fabric flower too! The one on top had more objects on it with a combination of items made with non natural material. You can put whatever objects you like as long as the child could explore on it using her senses. Resources around you can be vast. It can be purely from the nature or garden, a selection of toys, different fabric, large beads, cotton, bottles, pine cone, wooden brushes.
Hape – Pallina Bamboo Tumbling Ball Game

Discovery basket or Treasure basket- Are a collection of objects that we can easily find around the house or garden. This is given to a child when they are ready to sit. The purpose of Treasure Basket is to give the child the opportunity t0 explore and discover the objects using their five senses; sense of sight, touch, taste, hear and smell.

You can always change the theme or add more objects to your treasure basket to make it more appealing to your child’s eyes. Your baby’s senses are also improving while she’s growing so it’s very important to give her objects appropriate to her age. If she’s turning two or toddler stage you can add variety of objects like wooden spoon and forks,wooden blocks, little kitchen stuff, jumbo colored pom pom, tube cylinder with water or objects inside (make sure that it’s close tightly), maracas and many more items right for the child’s age.

I will be showing more themed treasure box on my future blogs. Follow my blog to get more ideas and insights about Montessori method of learning. Please share this post to your friends. Sharing is Caring!

May 2, 2016 -Update to my Discovery Basket

Discovery basket with more objects

This is an update to my discovery basket I posted a week ago. I added more objects on it like small stuff sensory animals, wooden hour glass, wooden cubes and change the basket into a bigger one.

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