Things To Buy At Daiso For Montessori Classroom

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You are definitely a real Montessorian if you love shopping cute stuff at Daiso. They have a wide selection of things that can be useful for practical life, sensorial, language, mathematics, cultural and art. I’ve been a big fan of Japanese products ever since I was little.  Daiso have a vast selection of quality items from kitchen utensils, personal stuff to gardening. I love their wooden utensils, small wooden boxes and tray, miniature erasers, cleaning materials, baskets and many more. As I walk along the aisle of the shop, my brain was continuously making projects! Like “Ohhh that pepper shakers can be a smelling bottles”, “this  felt can be for cultural class”, and “this cute tray can be for sorting”. There’s a lot of ideas to collaborate to make a Montessori activities. You don’t need to spend a fortune specially for home school or small Montessori school.

Being a teacher and a mother, hunting for learning materials are my continuous goal that gives me that “thrill” of seeking something useful and valuable. I want to share to you my recent Daiso treasures. These are high quality items but inexpensive. You can incorporate these lovely finds in your Montessori classroom activities. It will save you a lot of money. Children love tiny objects and these are a perfect recommendation. Make extra precaution when you have toddlers in your class or at home. Majority of the items are for three years and older.

In this photo shows a couple of scooper, plastic balls with holes, pepper shaker, invisible tape, pencil sharpener and Japanese sound maker.

In this photo you can see three sets of felts with varying colors, soup spoon, wooden ladle, plastic storage and ziplock. All are $1.50 each. 

Note: The felt are of high quality material that you need to use a sharp scissor in able to get the sharp edge you want to create a nice project.

Wooden box for metal inset paper. 

Note: this might not be the same as the standard size but I’m going to create my version instead.


Four section wooden box for sorting activity.


Wooden hour glass-I use this for our “silence game”.


img_6449Trays- High quality sturdy tray with handles. The size is just right for tiny hands.


This miniature erasers are my ultimate find. It doesn’t look like an eraser due to the detail and craftsmanship of each piece. Also above is a pack of clear bags for my nomenclature and three-part cards.

I know that not all 50 states and countries have Daiso shop. Here’s a list of other go to places to score some materials for your classroom.

Alternatives if you don’t have Daiso in your area:

1. Dollar Tree or any Dollar Store– Offers wide arrays of products that can be useful for practical life, math, sensorial, language and arts & crafts.

2. Goodwill Shops or Thrift StoreYou can find items that are kept on original packaging as in unopened. Be patient you can always find one. Or  kitchen utensils for practical life-like small pouring containers, soup spoon, ladles, mini rolling-pin, small bowls, stainless steel pitcher, cutting board and other stuff you will need in your Montessori home or classroom.

3. Yard Sale or Garage Sale– Some residential areas held a weekly sale or once a month. This is a great place to go. Sometimes some residents just wanted to get rid of their old stuff so they will offer it for free. Take it! Anyway “one man ‘s trash is another men’s treasure.

4. Offer Up– This is an app for smart phone wherein you can buy or search for a particular item in your area. Make an offer then buy the item. You either pick it up or meet ups. I used this app when I was still pregnant. I’m looking for a particular Italian brand wooden changing table and luckily I found it here.

5. Michael’s- They always have the miniature objects like animals, fruits, vegetables, little house items, baskets, wooden trays, wooden miniatures and plants and more things necessary for your projects.

6. Amazon They offer a very wide selection of wooden toys and small items, miniature animals, kitchen utensils for children, apron, baskets, trays and many stuff. Name it and they definitely have it!

I hope you will find all the things you need for your Montessori environment from the shops mentioned above. On my next blog, I will show you the Montessori activities I created from these items bought from Daiso.

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