Important Milestones At Thirteen Months

It’s her thirteenth month birthday today! I wanna share to all parents, teachers, readers and friends this very important and precious milestones of my daughter.

Each day, she always surprises me of something new and interesting things she had learned. Although she’s only 13 months today, I’m proud to say that she’s a happy baby and always excited to discover and continue to explore and learn everyday.

As much as possible I only engage her into activities that are age appropriate. In my observation, she loves to learn. In this critical stage of her life, it is best to engage her with activities that focus on developing fine muscle movement as well as eye-hand coordination. Activities like ring stacking, shape matching, color recognition, putting back things and holding her sippy cup using two hands.

Practical life activity: Putting back toys in the bucket

Rainbow Stacker activity

Exploring letters

Trying to climb the stair.

Exploring the counting abacus.

Shape match drop.

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Author: littlemontessorihouse

A montessori guide, preschool teacher, homeschooler. In our home we practice montessori method of learning. Embracing the beauty of nature and continually developing my skills to teach little ones the love for learning.

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