Activities For Thirteen Month 

She grows fast. I wish I could stop the time so I can always hold her in my arms. Well, for now I cherish every single day with her and try to introduce things that ignites her curiosity.

As she started to develop her fine motor skills, I look for activities suitable for her and materials that she can touch and play with.

This is actually a clear container where I store my small things so it is easy to see and find. There are small objects included in the box so I take a close supervision.

In a STEM school they encourage students to use tinkering box as a way of expressing their creativity. A student can make anything from the objects using imagination.
Yes your right. She likes sniffing into this smelling bottles. I DIY four smelling bottles with scents of lavender, patchouli, green tea and sandalwood. I use a cheese cloth to retain the aroma.

At Walmart. She loves any kind of ball big or small. I let her play and chase the ball to enhance her gross motor.
Riding Dad 😂😂😂was another gross motor skills.
She had fun playing at McDonald’s play place.

Lately, she’s been busy doing this. That’s a small tin lid. She likes to drop it at the floor repeatedly. She’s at the stage of so much curiosity that she wanted to know the sound of every object when it landed the floor.
Pushing cart and playing with her doll.

Wall climbing with mommy’s help.

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