Effective Ways To Teach Montessori At Home 

Children are such an amazing human being! They can let you wonder how each day they have learned something new but without you teaching them. It might be because of their natural or inner urge to learn or what we call “auto-education”.

Practicing Montessori Method at home or school is more effective when done repeatedly, consistently, routinely just like your daily ritual. With this, you will be amazed of your child’s capability to learn.

This is how I teach Montessori method at the classroom and at home. Take note that the method will be effective if your doing it consistently as in everyday. I also follow my observation from my experienced teachers and directors. They are extremely modest! in presentation and communication. If you have the chance to observe an experienced Montessori guide or Director you need to take note of these important things:

  1. Body Movement– Finess movement, using slow and clear presentation of each Montessori materials takes a lot of practice. Make sure you use your two index fingers when you are pointing to a specific object or material. With this, you are like highlighting the part of the object or showing the object more clearly when you use your two index fingers.
  2. Using simple and short words- Using simple and short words is the key. Present materials using very few or no words at all. Childs brain cannot multitask hence forth if presenting a material or a task make sure child’s eyes are on you. Use a simple and short words and minimize using long complicated words. The same when you are communicating to your very young child.

Example: During meal time and I’m talking to my daughter, I will say “Eat, food, sit down.” In a manner of clear but soft voice. The child can easily understand you and will remember the words clearly rather than using a complete sentence method of communication.

3. Use Plain Color Working Rug- I use a cream rectangular working rugs at school and at home. We wanted to emphasize on our presentation effectively and precisely so the child will focus on the material and not the background. It is important to only use white or cream rug and avoid colorful or printed rugs.

4. Avoid Attractive Jewelries-Using simple accessories in your hands like a ring is okay. The child should focus on your beautiful presentation rather than your cute bracelet charms.

5. Action Speaks Louder Than Words– Children are extremely good in observing adult. They like copying whatever they see from their parents, older siblings, teacher, care taker. Make sure you show them good stuff only.

Example: During our dinner, my daughter likes to watch and observe what I’m doing at the kitchen. For me, this is an opportunity for her to learn something. So I let her watch me doing some stuff like cleaning up the counter. I show her how I wipe and clean the counter top by using a slow movement so her eyes can follow what I’m doing.

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