Montessori Inspired Setting At Home


In a Montessori home setting it is not a must that you have the standard Montesssori materials and furnitures. Neither a fully sustainable all wooden toys and materials. Its important to understand that we put more value on the “process” and “method” of becoming a model to our child or students. Maria Montessori give emphasis to her teaching method although she designed a materials that was mostly used in todays modern Montessori teaching, she also put more effort on her observation of practical life skills which is one of the most important foundation of the “first plane of development” and that is the refinement of hand muscles.

In this blog, Im sharing my small space that was set up for my daughter. Toddler loves to touch kitchen stuff so a prepared environment for her little kitchen was a hit.

1. The first photo shows a play kitchen with stainless cookware and wooden cooking utensils. you will also see a shelf beside it with tiny pitchers, cups and tea pot. On the left are baskets to use for additional storage and or practical life jobs.


2. This photo shows the practical life and sensorial area and some toddler toys.

3. This shelf stores zoo animals and safari animals.


4. This photo shows her room shelving. I include her baby board books and musical instruments and puzzles. She love books so much. Most of the toys she had here are gifts from baby shower and baptism.

As you can see, we use plastic toys with batteries and lights. Every parents use different methods of how we raise our child. After all, as I mentioned earlier its not about the materials its “our journey of learning”.

Do you have a space at home that you use in your Montessori inspired learning? Please follow me for more ideas, tips, and inspirations.

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