15 Effective Fine Motor Activities For Preschool

In this blog, Audrey is almost three years old or 33 months to be exact. Time flies rapidly! It’s seems like it was just yesterday when we throw a party for her first birthday. Well, babies grow rapidly and the next thing you know you will be talking to a more bubbly and full of energy little human. Her developmental progress aligns perfectly to her age, a good time to do more observation and of course a quick refresh of the prepared environment. As a homeschooler, our materials are very basic. We only use learning materials and activities that is best suited to her learning abilities. Whatever advance toys, materials or books we have, we always keep it for her next learning stages.


I gather a compilation of activities that enhances the refinement of small muscles or fine motor skills as well as hand-eye coordination. Being a mother and a guide plays a big role to deeply involved with every developmental milestones she’s into. Preparing a variety of fine motor activities each week is a must for a very active child. 

At home you can always find a variety of materials you need to strengthen your child’s hand muscles. You can also check other ideas at my facebook, pinterest, instagram. Here are my collections of activities at home that helps my child with her fine motor development. 


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Water Beads PlayThis is one of her favorite activities at home. Something stretchy, sticky and wet is a big hit for young children. This beads can grow bigger once submerge into a basin with water. Choose a non-toxic water beads and your close supervision is a must. 



Watercolor Painting Great for hand-eye coordination. At her stage, she’s still working on mixing water with the color palettes. I love to see the joy on her face when she discovers different shades from mixing with a variety of colors.




Pegboard ActivityPutting pegs into a hole develops grasps and release, refined pinches and eye hand coordination.




Color Sorting Cylinder Master eye hand coordination, refine pinches and develops pincer grasps.



Name Puzzle Tracing She’s using small colored beads (choking hazard) to trace each letters of her name. This is a great way to teach a child in preparation of using a pencil for writing.



Molding Kinetic SandInstead of using play dough, I choose this plain colored kinetic sand and a set of 5 cutting tools. This activity strengthens her hand muscles.


img_3416These are the five different play dough cutters she use to create fun shapes and figures




Foam Stickers Stickers are always a big hit at home. It’s also another great fine motor activities that are easily available at home and a good calm down activity for toddlers.



Coloring- Young children can grasp easily when they use a bigger or thicker crayons and markers. It is also advisable to use non toxic and washable crayons for safety.



Block StackingBabies and toddlers loves to stack objects. It strengthens the whole hand by using all the fingers. This activity also enhances the hand-eye coordination.



Letter TracingA good activity to efficiently improve pincer grip, eye-hand coordination and concentration.



Dot PaintingThe thickness of this dot paint fits well to your child’s tiny hands.



CuttingThis activity takes a lot of practice and observation. A close supervision is needed. There are a lot of toddler friendly scissors or children safe scissors that you can buy for your child. Below is the cutting tray we regularly use. This paper strips are from trimmings of our Montessori nomenclatures and three-part cards we use for homeschool unit study. I created four basic patterns: Slanted lines, diagonal, vertical and wavy lines.



Water PouringThis is her favorite activity during spring and summer. She spends a couple of hours outdoor doing this fun activity.



Sticker PeelingI found this at school supplies section at our local store. I use this for her to trace a shape or pattern of an object. As long as you have a bunch of this at home or school your child will love sticking. A great activity to promote concentration, hand eye coordination and pincer grip exercises.



WashingThere are a vast washing activity for toddlers like baby doll washing, toy washing, play kitchen utensil washing, clothes washing, fruits & vegetables washing and a lot more things to wash. This type of activity enhances hand muscles, pincer grip and eye-hand coordination and most importantly once the child knows how to clean up after each meal and do a mini washing like this, independence and self responsibility develops naturally.

Montessori: The Science Behind the Genius

What are your kids favorite fine motor activities? Please share this effective fine motor article that your friends and family will enjoy. Follow my blog for more Montessori homeschool method and learning tips.





  1. These activities are awesome! Will definitely be checking back as my daughter gets older. She’s currently 16 months and enjoys taking off the lids to Tupperware and putting them back on

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