St. Patrick’s Day Activities For Preschooler

This week we focus on activities and book readings about St. Patricks Day! I created some fun activities we use at home for my three year old daughter. Our activities includes St. Patrick books created for young learners to easily understand the history of St. Patrick and a fun cd with Irish songs for our active music and movement session.

Below you can find the activities we have for this week of March to celebrate the St. Patrick’s Day or St. Patty as we also call this fun tradional Irish yearly celebrations.

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Transferring Lucky Shamrock Coins In A Hat

Materials: Tray, Leprechaun hat, shamrock coins

We started our activity today with these lucky clover play coins placed in a basket and asked her to put the coins inside the leprechaun hat. This type of activity is also great for toddler because it uses the whole hand grasp to strengthen the hand and finger muscles.

She transfer the green and gold lucky shamrock coins one by one in the leprechaun hat.


Shamrock Leaf Poking

Materials: GiantPush Pin, Cork tiles or boardClover leaf poking sheet

I use this four leaf cookie cutter to show her how to poke without a line and paper directly on the cork board. This is a more advance poking so I suggest to start from poking using a paper with an object image printed in black.


Counting 0-5 Using The Clover Leaf Coins

Materials: Sandpaper Numerals, Shamrock coins

Present the sandpaper numerals one at a time starting from numeral 0. Use the “three period lesson”. Say “0 means nothing, we will not put any coins with the number 0. Then move to the next number, again repeat using three period lesson then get the corresponding quantity of coin/s for each successive numerals your presenting. Having a three year old, I let her master the first lower six numerals such as 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. It is easier to present the concept of counting from 0 to 5 without overwhelming your child. A young child can say and memorize the numbers one to ten but do they understand what is one to ten really?

Tip: Use “Isolate the Difficulty” method if you have two or three years old. This is effective for this age. This way they can easily get the concept of how many do numbers one, two, three and so forth are consists. Then by next year your child might be ready to master the six to ten quantitative numerals.

Shamrock Molding

Materials: Tray, Shamrock cookie cutter, Non-toxic play dough, Dough roller

Music and Movement

Irish Music CD

This is the music cd “Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day” we use for our music and movement. We learn the very basic tap dance the child can follow easily.

The songs here are mostly traditional Irish music produced by Dj’s Choice.



St. Patrick’s Day by Gail Gibbons

A shamrock- Is a symbol of Saint Patrick’s Day as well as of the Celtic country Ireland. This was an important symbol to the ancient Irish druids because the three-heart shaped leaves represent the triads.

The Story of Saint Patrick’s Day by Patricia A. Pingry

Ten Lucky Leprechauns by Kathryn Helling and Deborah Hembrook

Aside from wearing something green, how do you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with you kids?