9 Spring Activities For Toddler And Preschooler

Spring time is here! I know many of you are excited for this much awaited season of the year and some had their spring activities planned for the following months. My daughter, Audrey was born during spring season (April baby), and this is my favorite season of the year too! She love exploring the garden and chase the butterflies, smell the flowers and watch the cardinal bird singing by the patio. To prepare outdoor and indoor spring environment for the little one, we make it child safe and enjoyable with the goal to instill the love for mother nature. For kids, spring symbolizes flowers, butterflies, birds, garden and rainbows so mostly our theme activity consists of this signs of spring living things. With an active little girl in mind, I am sharing this spring activities for indoor and outdoor that your kids can enjoy too! This activities are created for toddler and preschooler.

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9 Spring Activities For Toddler And Preschooler

Egg Transfer- I use colorful eggs, placed in a basket and a bunny egg holder. She will transfer one by one the eggs into the bunny egg holder. Then we play a game of colors. I will ask her to put only blue, or red or all green into the holder with the objective of finishing a task of putting the specific color. This activity helps develop the recognition of colors AND at the same time the ability to follow simple instructions.


Molding Bunny Using Cookie Cutter and Dough- I use non-toxic purple dough and three part bunny cookie cutter with a rolling pin. She will roll flat three small balls of dough and mold each of the bunny parts.

She can use other dough colors such as red and green too as what shown below. This dough can get hard easily so it is best to place back into the container with the cover on.


Chalk Board Drawing- She love to use the chalkboard with colored chalks drawing objects that I dont even know what it is! This activity will strengthen your child’s fine motor (small muscles). Well Mammas, let your child draw until they ran out of chalk!

In this photo, I showed her how to put pink and blue shades into the flowers and let her color it or doodle on it.

Doily Poking- I gave her a round cute doily and mark a neon green circle. She then trace poke the green mark using a jumbo push pin. This activity is great for enhancing the hand muscles for pincer grip. An excellent way in preparation to hold the pencil correctly. I started to introduce this activity to my daughter when she was thirty three months although this is best suited for a four year olds. A close supervision is needed for toddlers.


Catching Butterfly With Handprints- A super cute activity and a precious keepsakes for your little ones. I traced both her hands with washable board marker then I let her put butterfly and flower stickers around it with the illusion of “Catching a butterfly”.


Salt & Pepper Shaker Easter Eggs- She scoop beach sand and put it in each eggs, then she will shake it pretending its a salt and pepper shaker! Your kids will love this too.


Bunny Painting- A cute bunny with primary color paints. She’s using a fine brush to match the size of the little bunny. This hand painted bunny can also be used as an ornament!


Sticking Easter Window Clings- I let her stick each letters at the glass door by giving her the letters /H/ first then /A/ and so on until she finished everything and I let her read the words she created. Audrey started to read few words when she was two years old.


Gardening Supply Shopping- I include this as one of our spring activities because a young child can learn tons of vocabulary words when you include them to do chores such as shopping. Giving them the opportunity to see, feel, touch, smell and taste some edible plants if they are allowed to.


She adore lily pads! This is the garden section at Lowe’s where she observe and investigate several plants, flowers, garden decors, bird feeders, bird houses and a lot more.


These are the collection of spring books we love to read and recommend for your little learners. All are scholastic’s “A First Discovery Book” with different spring units that you can incorporate with your home or school learning.

Flowers, The Egg, The Ladybug, Birds, The Tree, Fruit and A Seed Is a Promise


What are your favorite spring activities? Please share this fun spring activities. Follow my blog for more ideas and inspirations.

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