Ways To Teach Letters of the Alphabet To Preschoolers


There are many ways to explore to present a Montessori Language to a preschooler. One of my favorite presentations in language literacy is the Letters of the Alphabet. In this blog, I will share how I teach letters of the alphabet in a fun and age-appropriate way. My daughter Audrey is almost three and continues to learn and explore all her language books. I prepare her five little books of “a”, “e”, “i”, “o” and “u” by Moncure. She loves to read these books repeatedly every morning and before bedtime.

She’s 18 months in this photo exploring the vowel sandpaper letters and picture cards with both upper and lower case letters.

Her little “a” book. After reading this book I showed her the sandpaper letter with miniature objects such as apple, ant, airplane. I try to limit showing her two to three different objects in each letter.

I also showed her an object card for apple and ant.

If a child is familiar with the lower case letters, I will move on to introduce the upper case letter. This clipboard shows an upper case “A” with mini apple die cuts for her to glue on it. Because her name starts with “A” (Audrey) in preparation to write her name, I include introducing the uppercase and the rest are lower case. In Montessori learning, a child learns the lower case or “small letters” first before the upper case letters.

Showing below are printed images of objects that start with an /a/ and /A/.

While learning the letters of the alphabet, it is highly important that the child will learn how /o/ feels like on her tiny fingers by showing her how to write it in the sand. Learning the alphabet in early childhood works best using the multi-sensory method.

What is Multi-Sensory or Kinesthetic Learning?

It is a method of learning that uses the senses such as touch, sound, sight, movement, and even taste. That’s when babies and toddlers like to put objects into their mouths. When I teach the letter /a/, I let her eat an apple while saying the word “apple”. Another example is a letter /b/, you can give a banana to teach a child what does letter /b/ taste or “bacon” and “bread” as another option.

In this photo, she’s using the Learning Journey Alphabet Puzzle Board.

What other fun ways your child learn the letters of the alphabet?

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