Three Years Of Journey To Happy Learning!

Today my daughter Audrey turns three years old! It is quite a simple birthday party with family and close friends. We let her choose a favorite cartoon character to be the party theme. Of course! Mickey & friends won.






These gifts are wrapped and packaged from a recycled brown paper bags and manila paper then I let my daughter put color and design with dot paints, watercolor paints and acrylic paints.








Her Mickey Mouse theme party supplies


I made a chocolate cupcakes designed with these wilton purple and pink icings. It didn’t turn out to be like what I want it to but the taste was just right and not too sweet.

My next blog topic is about the wonderful gifts my three year old received. If you have young kids, this type of gifts are the best for their level of development. I am the type of parent that is very picky (who’s not?) when it comes to buying toys and gifts for my students and of course for my own child. I carefully researched first its benefit and usefulness. Educational and fun combined. The value itself worth every penny you spend for this type of toys.


Author: littlemontessorihouse

A montessori guide, preschool teacher, homeschooler. In our home we practice montessori method of learning. Embracing the beauty of nature and continually developing my skills to teach little ones the love for learning.

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