Fall Activities For Toddler And Preschool

Fall season is fast approaching! Sooner the feel of summer will be gone and will be replaced by those crisp autumn leaves everywhere. My preschooler is now 41 months and just started going to Casa part time in the morning. She enjoy the new environment and new practical life works. We do our homeschool in the afternoon, a perfect time for another theme activity. Some of her favorite activities are painting, sorting and pasting. Below are the activities I gathered for fall and halloween. This activities are perfect for toddler and preschoolers.


  • Paper Maple Leaf Decorating

  • Foam Fall Leaves Sorting

  • Pumpkin Painting

    Wooden Fall Leaves Painting

  • Foam Acorn & Turkey Sorting

  • Fall Wreath Decorating

Materials: Wooden ring, Glue, die cut fall leaves (it can be a cloth, plastic or felt)

  • Wooden Jack O Lantern Painting


This is messy but it’s a fun activity to work with your child!

This is an annual activities and a theme each year so I will be adding more activities for Fall and Halloween. Follow my blog for more Montessori inspired activities for preschoolers, homeschool works and ideas.

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