Fall Activities For Toddler And Preschool

Fall season is fast approaching! Sooner the feel of summer will be gone and will be replaced by those crisp autumn leaves everywhere. My preschooler now 41 months, started going to Casa part time, had a wonderful moment in her new environment. She is homeschool every Monday and Tuesdays so we have ample time together to sit and do our fall arts and works after her school hours.

I set up our fall shelves for her to work on during homeschool days and also for her after school activities. Her favorite activities are painting and pasting. Below are our fall activities perfect for toddler and preschoolers. These activities are great in practicing fine motor skills.


Fall Wreath

Materials: Wooden ring, Glue, die cut fall leaves (it can be a cloth, plastic or felt)

Finished work!

  • Wooden Jack O Lantern Lawn Decor


This is messy but it’s a fun activity to work with your child!

We’re still working on our fall and Halloween activities this month so I will continue to add more activities each time we finished working with another work. Follow my blog for more Montessori inspired activities and curriculum!


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