Valentines Day Activities And Art For Preschool

There is something special about working on a craft or artworks that involve your child. The special bond and memories we create surely stay in their hearts forever. So while your kids are still young and full of curiosity, let’s fuel their creativity with this cute Valentines Day activities. I gather this easy to create and fun Valentines Day activities and artwork for preschoolers ages three to six.

Kinetic Sand Molding Using Heart Shape Cookie Cutter

Materials: Kinetic sand any color of your choice, enclosed tray, heart cookie cutter, dough cutter tools from my blog post last year. I love the versatility of this white kinetic sand. We’ve been using this a lot at home. Audrey started working with the kinetic sand since she was a toddler and until now its a regular practical work for her.

Doily Valentines Day Card

Materials: White heart doily, pink or red construction paper cut into a heart shape, watercolor, fine paintbrush, foam heart stickers and notepad or stationary.

The finished product once totally dried up can be a valentines day card. You can put a foam heart stickers in different colors then place a heart shape stationary paper with your message. This handmade card can also be a sticky page in your family scrapbook, stick it to your fridge, framed decor, a heartwarming card for Grandma or Grandpa or for a very hard working teacher. There you go! You have a handmade Valentine’s card created for you. Priceless!

Heart Shape Dough Cutting

Materials: Pink or red play dough, heart cookie cutter, cutting tools, tray or a plain table to work. The difference between a kinetic sand and play dough is the texture. This dough is firmer and more solid compared to kinetic sand and a great starter for your little ones to mold any shape they like!

Watercolor Heart Painting

Materials: White construction paper, watercolor palettes, fine paint brush, easel board.

I prefer her standing while doing her work to keep the excess water from her painting.

She made this art work last year as a birthday greeting card and a precious gift for her Grandma.

Doily Butterfly

Materials: Two pink doily, wooden clothes pin, heart foam stickers, pipe cleaner, glue or tape.

I let her stick the heart foam stickers into the two doily. Attached it together with a glue or tape. She then insert the pipe cleaner into the clothes pin and attached the two doily making two heart shaped butterfly wings!

Pom Pom Transfer Using Training Chopsticks

Materials: Pompoms in pink, white and red colors, Training chopsticks, two small bowls or containers, tray. A great fine motor activity to strengthen small hand muscles.

We will be making lots of wonderful theme study and arts so stay tuned and follow my blog.



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