Earth Day Activity For Preschool

Last month we studied about geography and of course I discuss about our planet Earth. My little learner here is super excited to explore our planet now that she learned she lives and play here. At home, we love to do art works like paintings of objects or anything that we currently exploring and studying. After reading to her the book Earth and Sky, I prepared a plain sketch of a globe and let her paint it using an acrylic green and blue paints (non-toxix). Before that, let me share to you this highly important reason why I encourage all sorts of activities that involves the “hand” of a child in our everyday activities.

Dr Katz, who has made a special psychological study of the functions of the hands, has observed:

“The Montessori method, which is dedicated to the development of the use of the hand, shows very clearly the surprising versatility of this organ. My studies, extended over a period of a dozen years, have made me aware of the marvelous sensitivity of this instrument of touch and movement. The hand is the means which is makes it possible for the human intellect to express itself and for civilization to advance. Without the hand, intelligent beings, despite their natural superiority over other creatures, could not have survive on the earth. The hand is an organ of expression, and in the area of artistic creation it has practically occupied the first place. In early infancy the hand assists the intelligence to develop, and in a mature man it is the instrument which controls his destiny on earth” 

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Earth Painting


White extra size sketch pad

Green and blue acrylic paints

Painting palette

Fine paint brush

The Earth & Sky A First Discovery Book

I use this book as a guide to show her the real colors of our planet Earth.

This is our geography area. On the wall is a felt world map.

Here’s the finished art painting of our planet Earth!



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