Dr.Seuss Activities For Preschool

Dr. Seuss Birthday is coming soon! I’m excited to share our homeschool activities that are mostly from the stories of Dr. Seuss world-famous book collectionsI started to collect Dr. Seuss books when Audrey was just one year old. Other Dr. Seuss books was a birthday gift from close friends who’s also a fellow Montessori teachers. I’m lucky to have them since they know the best learning materials to give, and besides sharing the same interests benefits most when you have a child. These activities are very easy to create. You only need crayons, markers, paste and clipboard. The coloring activity templates came from Dr. Seuss website.

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The Cat In The Hat


Materials: Draw a cat’s hat just big enough to cover the whole paper. Then trace the divided parts of hat in a separate red and white construction paper. Cut the parts. Let your child paste the red and white papers alternately.

img_9804Finished hat! Note: I traced the hat using a black marker to enhance the hat shape.

Green Eggs and Ham

A coloring page from Dr. Seuss website.

The Foot Book

She’s coloring the different foot from the “The Foot Book” then made a mini book. You can use a stapler or punch a hole on the side and stitch with a yarn.

One Fish, Two Fish

Materials: Blue and orange tissue paper cut into small rectangular shapes, glue, hand drawn of two fish. Audrey apply a glue to one fish then she paste the blue tissue papers on it followed by the second fish with orange tissue papers.

Trip To Dr. Seuss Bookstand

Another fun thing to do with your child is take her to the nearest book shop and explore the different wonderful books of Dr. Seuss! This is at Target book section. She love to explore this book section of Dr. Seuss. Doing this trip more often brings happiness to her and most importantly she’s getting familiar with the different Dr. Seuss Books and characters of the story.

“The human being is a united whole, but this unity has to bebuilt up and formed by active experiences in the real world, to which it is led by the laws of nature.” The Absorbent Mind, Maria Montessori

Books And Resorces:

Dr. Seuss Beginner Book Collection

Dr. Seuss Second Beginner Book Collection

Dr. Seuss Classic Case Book Collection