Earth Day Trash Sorting Practical Life Activity

Earth Day is an important calendar event that we celebrate anually. Reminding us of environmental protection by committing ourselves in doing our share to take care of our Mother Earth. To take part of this event, I prepare this fun activity for preschooler. Below you can find photos of four trash sorting activity. It is categorized into four different elements of waste we normally dispose in a regular basis such as Aluminum, Plastic, Compost and Paper/Cardboard. 


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Normally in a Montessori homeschool setting, we focus basically on practical life activities such as kitchen activities, proper care of the environment, self-care and other activities that enhances a child’s small muscles. There’s another important activity to practice with your child- Proper disposal of trash at home is paramount to avoid the spread of bacteria that results into certain diseases. When teaching my little one this proper sorting of trash it is highly important to model this habit at home. By doing this trash sorting activity with your child, you’re not only teaching them a very valuable practical life lesson but also your preparing them to be a responsible and mindful member of the community.

img_9258I got this fun activity sorting set at our local Dollar Tree store and found a way to use this activity repeatedly. I like to reuse materials as much as I can to eliminate waste. These elements/objects to sort are all stickers. Here’s another set of photos of work in the process.

img_9084This will go in our practical life activities. Laminating as usual, to prolong the use of our learning materials!


I stick all the objects in a white stock paper, laminate it and cut. Now your kids are ready to sort!




Here is our finished sorted recycling trash bins.

Learning Resources:

Why Should I Recycle? 

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I Am Earth: An Earth Day Book for Kids


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