Butterfly Unit Shelf And Activities For Preschool

Spring had finally arrived! It’s the season that we waited the most to get out there and explore the beauty of nature. My little learner had fun doing outdoor activities like insect observation, scavenger hunt, chasing butterflies, collecting nature objects and a lot more to do during spring time. I’m really excited to share what were studying this month. Let’s go! Here’s our butterfly theme unit shelf and activities for the month of March. Enjoy and share!


This is our shelf for butterfly unit activities for the month of March.

701fd1ec-75f2-41fe-8eef-b1e87a713906-1Language/Science: From top left: The life cycle of the ladybug from Mamas Happy Hive, you can get the printable here. Metamorphosis of a monarch butterfly from Natural Beach Living, Flip chart showing the stages of the metamorphosis and Butterfly life cycle spinner.

img_1646Language: Butterfly Life Cycle Matching Game: This is a great tool to get your kids familiar with the Butterfly Life Cycle. Your kids can cut this and paste to the other picture card OR you can put velcro to reuse again for your next lesson. This activity is perfect for toddler or little ones who’s still working on their fine muscles.

IMG_2556Butterfly Life Cycle Matching mat. Let your little one match each stages of monarch life cycle as they explore and learn how the life develops as the butterfly grows.

img_1645Math: Butterfly counting using butterfly foam sticker counters and sand paper numerals

IMG_2484You can use counters like foam sticker butterflies, erasers or a colorful print out in a stock paper and let your kids cut the butterflies.

Language: Read more about this article on my blog Anatomy of a monarch butterfly

IMG_2440Parts of a butterfly or anatomy of a butterfly.

img_1644Fine Motor: Letter B Do-A-Dot and butterfly coloring, sandpaper letter /b/ to trace using two index fingers.

img_1639Flip chart of Life-Cycles. 

img_1647Art: Butterfly play dough molding and Butterfly stamp art


IMG_2458These are the books we read during our butterfly unit study.


Safari Ltd Monarch Butterfly Life Cycle

A Butterfly Is Patient

Strange Dances And Long Flights

Insect World

Caterpillars, Bugs, and Butterflies

Butterflies Magical Metamorphosis

First Discovery Books: Butterflies


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