Practical Life Work- How To Make A Healthy Watermelon Popsicle

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It’s starting to get more humid in Florida and that means a lot of fun summer activities indoor and outdoor are on the way. Having consistently warm weather and mostly sunny, planning on activities to do with the whole family are endless! Being a local is an added benefit, whenever we just feel to hit the road going to the seashore is such a breeze. Since summer is just right around the corner, roads going to the beach are started to get crowded. Yes, the main roads are crazy chaotic nowadays, and I feel that the majority of the locals and tourists are heading to the beach more frequently. To avoid the heavy flow of traffic during the weekends, sometimes we opted to stay home and have fun making popsicles! This activity is a great way to keep my little one busy and at the same time a fun way to learn and bond with the family. Below you can find the materials and procedure of making all-natural watermelon popsicles.

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  • Cut the watermelon into cubes and freeze or freshly cut is better. I prefer to freeze it so I don’t need to add cube ice that requires more pulse time. (My daughter had this very loud noise anxiety since she was a toddler).


  • Invite your child/student to carefully put the watermelon cubes into the personal blender cup.

  • Slowly pour the orange juice.

  • She left some pieces of cubes and let the juice dissolve the frozen watermelon.

  • Drop the remaining watermelon cubes.

  • Let your child shake the cup. It’s easier for the frozen watermelon to absorb the juice and dissolves quicker.
  • This will need your “direct assistance” and “close supervision” to turn on the blender. Manually “pulse” to easily crush the frozen fruits and to attain the smooth and even consistency.

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  • Detach blender cup and carefully scoop using a spoon or a small funnel to transfer the smoothie to the popsicle molds.

  • Put the popsicle cover.

  • Mommy, I’m done with my work!


  • Assist your child to put the finished popsicle in the freezer by herself using a helper stool so she will experience the “process” of making the popsicle from the beginning to the end.
  • Invite her to clean up and wash the used materials and utensils.


FYI: This activity requires a longer time to accomplish and not within your usual goal time of 10 to 15 minutes. But the sense of self-responsibility and self-reliance are cultivated through this acquired knowledge that all depends on “us” as a parent, teacher or caregiver. Read more about responsibility articles here.



So excited to taste her healthy watermelon popsicle!

Enjoy this healthy and nutritious watermelon popsicle. We will be doing more kitchen activities for summer so stay tuned!

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