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We enjoyed spring so much and actually would not want to end this season. And then there is summer trying to come early with those feelings of humid air here in Florida. Planet ocean (as what they originally call it) mostly covers the big mass of earth. A vast amount of marine animals, plants and corals and even the large amount of treasures buried down under the deep blue sea lies beneath our ocean. The ocean was just fifteen minutes’ drive from our home. Being a homeschooler, living near the beach is a big advantage! I cannot ask for more when this natural with hand-on learning resource was just sitting minutes away from us.

Whenever I plan for my unit study, books related to the unit study plays a very important role, especially for a preschooler’s learning journey. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind hoarding tons of books if this helps my child in her developmental milestones. I gather these carefully picked quality books about the ocean, beach, sea or ocean animals, the body of water and more.

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61C2E297-3435-432E-B86A-25E44D2E450FI use this ECR4Kids bookshelf to organize all the books related mainly to our unit study or theme of the month. Normally, I display fifteen to twenty books with a combination of hardcover, paperback, and small books.

Below you can find our collection of children’s books related to ocean study. I use these books for my ocean unit at home and my four-year-old learner loves them so much!


IMG_5866This is a vivid real-life image of a great white shark fact page of the Ocean book from National Geographic Kids. 

IMG_5867Learning more about sharks!

BC1E7FF2-6424-4AC7-8091-C90E4F9B4AC0I set up this small space for her picture to object matching activity. She can directly match this shark animal figures to the book. This is her normal activity when she was just a toddler (around 16 to 30 months)-matching her animal toys in particular pages of the books and excitedly shows me how the figures match with the vivid images.  

Here are my other lists of books about the ocean:

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