Montessori Language Object Organization

I love organizing my homeschool space, including small stuff like Montessori language miniature objects! If you are a teacher and a mom, you can definitely relate to my level of perfecting the organizational method I use in my homeschool learning materials including our household stuff.  I’m just like you, confused and not sure what to do with the growing amount of toys, books, and my child’s learning materials. But of course, there’s always a better solution to this problem. I totally understand the pain and sanity you endure looking for that miniature toys your child cant get rid of and certainly feel the headache finding the other objects of your Montessori Language three-part cards. I totally FEEL YOU.

In the beginning, it seems to be a lot of work. Sorting, grouping, labeling, minimizing and organizing. BUT, this task can be simplified when you master a system that you will probably use in the long run and eventually would make our Momma life stress free, clutter-free, and best of all EASY and attainable. Below let me walk you through how I organize my materials.



This photo shows our Montessori language materials and objects. I’m doing a preliminary task of sorting objects first. I group the objects according to category or type of unit by laying everything on the floor. Once sorted, I place each set of language objects into the clear photo keeper/storage that measures 4″X 6″. Heres an example of how I group my Montessori language objects.

Example 1: Backyard birds, Rainforest animals, Arctic animals

Example 2: Butterfly Life Cycle, Bee Life Cycle, Frog Life Cycle

Example 3: Nomenclature cards, Three-part cards, Fact cards

Example 4: Sort by letter sound- Apple, Ant, Apricot, Alligator



6D6F0679-5834-4FF3-B080-6641CC26763FThis is my Montessori language objects organization storage system. I have two sets for now and would basically add another as my collection grows. I got this photo and craft keeper clear storage set at my local Michael’s store or Here. In each box, there are 16 inner cases. You can see that I separate my Zoology from Botany and other unit studies. This way it’s easy for me to pull out my language learning materials when I only focus on Zoology study in a specific period of the year.

F5322291-3BF3-42D0-ACA4-02EAE3B1258CThis is my second set of the same type of clear storage system wherein I separate my Botany language objects, Solar System, Human Anatomy, Money and Community Helper language objects.

Now let’s talk about the budget. I’m pretty sure most of you avoid purchasing at full price at any Michael’s store. Here’s my strategy in buying teaching resources for my classroom or homeschool without breaking the budget.

  • I use the teacher’s discount coupon (15%) every time you visit the Michaels store. Just bring your teacher’s ID. You can also present your valid AMS printed membership verification letter.
  • Wait for the YEAR-END SALE or the first week of JANUARY. This is the best time of the year to snag all those deals that you’ve been waiting for. They usually offer 50% to 70% Off on their storage systems.
  • Heres another winning strategy: You will also get an additional 20% off your total purchase INCLUDING the sale items! So it’s a 70% OFF deals in-store or online.
  • I DON’T shop during regular days or black Fridays for any teachers learning tools/materials because there’s always a better deal every December and January. So relax and chill. Save your energy and money!



I’ve been using this Brother P-touch label maker for almost four years now. It’s a single liner label with multiple font style and sizes and with qwerty keyboard. This is a perfect tool if you prefer to print a single line label. Having clear white storage like the one I use here provides a minimalist touch when matched with these types of labels. However, if your preference is a more vibrant colored label tape is always up to your taste and organization style. Creativity is a way to go!


Take away the doubles or multiples that you don’t need. You can keep those for future use or donate if you no longer needed some extras. Planning for your beginning sound set doesn’t need to have too many objects in it. I usually use 2 to 3 miniature objects in each letter sound.


IMG_4449Take photos of your organized learning materials to document your progress. Organizing your space is truly time-consuming. However, once you see the progress of your work, you will definitely thank yourself for all the effort being exerted. I hope this method inspires you as you start your journey of a more organized home and learning space. GOODLUCK!

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