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The Value Of Practical Life Activities

In this blog, I will share you some food for the minds and also our special moments at home doing some household chores with a help of a young child. It is important that we allow the child to experience and touch a variety of household materials that we use in our daily living. The more they are involve in whatever we do the easier for them to learn an important life skills that will last a life time. That is the best gift we can give to our new generations of learners.

Maria Montessori placed great value on the Practical Life exercises, referring to them as the “gymnasium for perfecting one’s action”. She believed that they not only refine skills but also form the foundation of character.

The experiences in Practical Life are crucial for building a firm foundation for future learning. Before children can master language and math skills, they need solid work habits and a strong inner sense. Practical Life activities are the vehicle to build this foundation.  

Practical Life in a Montessori education benefitted a child through spontaneous repetition or mastery of each activity. Through this activity the child also develop the love for work, independence, hand-eye coordination and love of order.

Core Principles Of Practical Life Activities; 

  1. Emphasis on life skills
  2. Care of environment
  3. Care of self
  4. Order
  5. Purposeful movement
  6. Develop motor skills (large and small muscles)
  7. Leads to independence
  8. Leads to conscious choices
  9. Auto-education (learning by doing)
  10. Language
  11. Raise self-esteem and self worth
  12. Executive Function- In a young age we encourage them how to organize, plan, take initiative and self-regulation. The work itself has it’s own reward.

Through Practical Life activities, children build and refine the internal skills needed for the learning that is to come. Montessori noted that children construct themselves through their own activities. The Practical Life area offers an opportunity to build a strong foundation for all subsequent work, making it an essential part of the young child’s experiences.

The exercises of practical life are formative activities, a work of adaptation to the environment. Such adaptation to the environment and efficient functioning therein is the very essence of a useful education.” Maria Montessori

Here’s a collection of our family moments at home doing simple chores as a practical life activities that a young child can learn and master. As you can see, a very close supervision is needed for an activity such as cooking wherein hot surface is a common danger.


Herbal tea portioning using a spoon


Egg slicing using a bread knife


Cutting a banana using bread knife


Vegetable washing


Mixing pancake batter


Washing corn


Sweeping dirt from the floorIMG_0801


Rolling and putting back the work matIMG_0447.JPG


Pencil SharpeningIMG_0135


Watering plantsimg_1519

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Montessori Activities From Daiso Items

I created some fun Montessori activities that can incorporate with other practical life activities. From my previous blog, I showed photos of my Daiso shop finds. I came up with some cute activities that your kids or students will love. The photos above are some of the activities I made.

IMG_6459Picture to Object Matching– This miniature wild animals are a perfect match for Picture to Object matching activity. You can do object to object matching, three part card with objects, safari theme sensory bin, or make a story line with these lovely animals.


IMG_6447Clothes hanging– I use the wooden box with wire on it then cut out mini clothes pattern from the felt material with the smallest clothespin to hang the clothes.


Pom Pom Sorting– I have this cute training chopsticks for kid which I also bought at Daiso last year. This is a great exercises for fine muscles for young ones. I pick three different colors of pom poms for sorting



Pipe cleaner threading into a golf ball- This activity helps to enhance and develop fine motor in early years of life. 


Felt Flower Sorting– Three colors of felt flower for sorting activity. You can add a matching colored felt pads for each cubes for the child to match the colors.



 DIY Smelling Bottles- These smelling bottles are my favorite. They are actually a pepper shaker. What I like about these bottles are just a right size for a child’s hand and another thing is it’s clear! You can also create a sound bottles from these. 



 Quiet Book– I’m still in the process of finishing this quiet book made of felt for my little girl. The felts are also from Daiso and the felt stickers are bought from Michael’s. For now I have five pages of animals, flowers and cupcakes felt pages. I wanted to add more like shapes and colors. This is my very first time to make a quiet book for my daughter. Im starting with a simple pattern and basically a no sew quiet book. This activity is perfect for our long drive this month. 

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Things To Buy At Daiso For Montessori Classroom

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You are definitely a real Montessorian if you love shopping cute stuff at Daiso. They have a wide selection of things that can be useful for practical life, sensorial, language, mathematics, cultural and art. I’ve been a big fan of Japanese products ever since I was little.  Daiso have a vast selection of quality items from kitchen utensils, personal stuff to gardening. I love their wooden utensils, small wooden boxes and tray, miniature erasers, cleaning materials, baskets and many more. As I walk along the aisle of the shop, my brain was continuously making projects! Like “Ohhh that pepper shakers can be a smelling bottles”, “this  felt can be for cultural class”, and “this cute tray can be for sorting”. There’s a lot of ideas to collaborate to make a Montessori activities. You don’t need to spend a fortune specially for home school or small Montessori school.

Being a teacher and a mother, hunting for learning materials are my continuous goal that gives me that “thrill” of seeking something useful and valuable. I want to share to you my recent Daiso treasures. These are high quality items but inexpensive. You can incorporate these lovely finds in your Montessori classroom activities. It will save you a lot of money. Children love tiny objects and these are a perfect recommendation. Make extra precaution when you have toddlers in your class or at home. Majority of the items are for three years and older.

In this photo shows a couple of scooper, plastic balls with holes, pepper shaker, invisible tape, pencil sharpener and Japanese sound maker.

In this photo you can see three sets of felts with varying colors, soup spoon, wooden ladle, plastic storage and ziplock. All are $1.50 each. 

Note: The felt are of high quality material that you need to use a sharp scissor in able to get the sharp edge you want to create a nice project.

Wooden box for metal inset paper. 

Note: this might not be the same as the standard size but I’m going to create my version instead.


Four section wooden box for sorting activity.


Wooden hour glass-I use this for our “silence game”.


img_6449Trays- High quality sturdy tray with handles. The size is just right for tiny hands.


This miniature erasers are my ultimate find. It doesn’t look like an eraser due to the detail and craftsmanship of each piece. Also above is a pack of clear bags for my nomenclature and three-part cards.

I know that not all 50 states and countries have Daiso shop. Here’s a list of other go to places to score some materials for your classroom.

Alternatives if you don’t have Daiso in your area:

1. Dollar Tree or any Dollar Store– Offers wide arrays of products that can be useful for practical life, math, sensorial, language and arts & crafts.

2. Goodwill Shops or Thrift StoreYou can find items that are kept on original packaging as in unopened. Be patient you can always find one. Or  kitchen utensils for practical life-like small pouring containers, soup spoon, ladles, mini rolling-pin, small bowls, stainless steel pitcher, cutting board and other stuff you will need in your Montessori home or classroom.

3. Yard Sale or Garage Sale– Some residential areas held a weekly sale or once a month. This is a great place to go. Sometimes some residents just wanted to get rid of their old stuff so they will offer it for free. Take it! Anyway “one man ‘s trash is another men’s treasure.

4. Offer Up– This is an app for smart phone wherein you can buy or search for a particular item in your area. Make an offer then buy the item. You either pick it up or meet ups. I used this app when I was still pregnant. I’m looking for a particular Italian brand wooden changing table and luckily I found it here.

5. Michael’s- They always have the miniature objects like animals, fruits, vegetables, little house items, baskets, wooden trays, wooden miniatures and plants and more things necessary for your projects.

6. Amazon They offer a very wide selection of wooden toys and small items, miniature animals, kitchen utensils for children, apron, baskets, trays and many stuff. Name it and they definitely have it!

I hope you will find all the things you need for your Montessori environment from the shops mentioned above. On my next blog, I will show you the Montessori activities I created from these items bought from Daiso.

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