Kids Fall Outdoor Activities At Holland Farms

Harvest season normally starts during September and no wonder Holland Farms pumpkin patch and activities are so prepared. Holland Farms is a wide-field located at Milton, North Eastern part of Florida. The main attraction of the farm is the huge pumpkin patch, sunflower garden, and the popular corn maze. We spend the morning of Saturday having so much fun with all the activities available throughout the vast farmland. They also have enough parking space all over a huge lot of space surrounding the farm so you won’t need to park very far. It’s quite dusty though, this is normal in any farmlands all over the state. So be ready to get dusty the whole time spending there!


This admission menu is current as of September 2019


Wristband per person: $12 for pumpkin patch (1 pumpkin included), hayride, and all other activities.


  • Giant Spider Web
  • Sandbox with Playhouse
  • Swings
  • Horse Tire Swings
  • Pedal Tractor Cart Racing
  • Tube Slides
  • Petting Zoo
  • Corn Box
  • Ziplines
  • Rat Racers
  • Knocker Balls
  • Corn Maze
  • Gem Mining
  • Hay Rides
  • Train Rides

NOTE: They have a pony ride for $5 per ride. This is not included in your $12 wristband

If you choose not to do the $12 wristband here is the price for individual items:

  • General admission- $8.00 per person. Includes admission to the playground, hayride, and maze.
  • 1 pumpkin- $6
  • 1 sunflower- $1
  • Kids two years and under are FREE of admission with activities.

NOTE: Make sure to bring extra clothing for your little ones. Surely as they will engage in a lot of adventure, hands-on activities and gross motor activities. Picture what they look like going home. Here’s mine, as you can see, she truly made lots of fun-with the DIRT! Yes, she literally dives on it!




IMG_3512PUMPKIN PICKING- Holand Farms has this huge area for pumpkins and sunflowers alone. It is a little bit far from the activity place for kids. There is a farm truck for a hayride that would take you there. The ride is included when you purchase the $12 unlimited per person and one pumpkin is free for this option. If you’re an active member of the military, veterans or retired personnel, you can take advantage of the discount- I believe it is a 10% discount.


IMG_3498SUNFLOWER PICKING- Another fun hands-on activity is sunflower picking. This can be purchased for a dollar each. You can cut the stems (just bring a cutter with you) or pull entirely the whole stem including the roots. You can then plant the roots again. What I did is I cut it off into half. I planted the root part into a large pot I got from Lowe’s.  Then the other half with the flower was used for our botany unit study about Sunflower. The sunflower seeds can also be a great practical life activity or fine motor activity like sunflower seeds pulling, just let it dry for a few days and its ready for your activity.


IMG_3444PETTING ZOO- This activity has been her favorite one when she was a toddler. She will spend time petting and talking with the goats, pony, chicken, ducks, and cow!


IMG_3412CORN PIT/CORN BOX- The farm has two corn pit boxes; one near the entrance and another one located just right the train ride. The kids love this so much! I can see how imaginations are created here. My four-year-old swim, dive, jump, do the snow angel and bury herself here. So far this is the best huge sensory box I’ve seen in this town.


GIANT WEB- This huge spiderweb-like structure is made of thick ropes and sturdy black net. I absolutely recommend this for those super energetic kids that love to climb and challenge their ability to balance appropriately. With these extra thick materials, I’m pretty sure Mommy and Daddy would love to join!



WOODEN PIRATE SHIP- Enjoy the pirate ship playground with your kids where they can climb, swing, hide and seek, and pretend pirates and sailors. Let that imagination shines!

IMG_3546DUCK RACE: Race your duck to the pipe! Pump the water and let it stream through the water all the way to the pail. The faster you pump the faster you will reach the goal.


IMG_3313SANDBOX WITH PLAY STRUCTURES- This is the activity you’ll see once you enter Holland Farms. They have a huge sandbox and playhouses for small kids. Toddlers will definitely enjoy this type of play area.

IMG_3323GEMSTONE MINING- This is one of my favorite activities here! The steady stream of water from atop awaits you of amazing mineral rock surprises. Just grab one of those wooden box sifters and your ready to unlock those rocks.

Our family had such a great experience here. My little learner enjoyed the whole time spent here. I highly recommend Holland Farms for a family with young kids. We will surely come back!

Aside from those exciting activities with your kids during fall, and the free bowl of peanuts as complimentary, they also specialized in selling their freshly picked peanuts by pounds! Yes absolutely, you can buy by bulk up to 25 pounds of fresh green peanuts in a sack. We love peanuts for snacks and this is a perfect healthy addition to a meal or to your kid’s bento box too! You can find the prices of peanuts here.

I included here the Holland Farm’s peanut recipe as a guide. I know that cooking peanuts are a pretty simple process. Seriously, I just now figured out the correct measurement of salt for every pound of a peanut! Find the recipe here

How To Cook Peanuts

How to Boil Peanuts

1 cup of Rock Salt to every 10 pounds of peanuts. Place a large pot, cover with water and cook at a rapid boil for about 3 long hours. Peanuts should be soft and tender. Allow peanuts to sit in a pot to absorb the desired amount of salt.

How to Roast Peanuts

Place raw shelled peanuts one layer deep in a shallow pan. Roast at 350 degrees for 15 to 20 minutes until golden brown. Stir occasionally for even roasting. If you would like peanuts salted, add 1 teaspoon of butter or add margarine to each cup of peanuts immediately after removing it from the oven. Stir until peanuts are evenly coated and sprinkle with salt.

How to Deep Fry Peanuts

Fill deep fat fryer or large saucepan 1/2 full with peanut oil. Preheat oil at 350 degrees F. Fill colander or deep-fat frying basket 1/2 full of raw peanuts. Submerge in hot oil. Let fry until raw peanuts start to turn light brown. Peanuts will continue cooking after they are removed from the heat. Do not overcook. Drain on paper towels, sprinkle with salt. Serve warm or store in a glass container with airtight lids. For an unusual snack, add 1/4 tsp, garlic powder or chili powder for each cup of peanuts.


About Holland Farms 

Holland Farms is a family-owned and operated peanut, produce, and row crop farm located in Santa Rosa County, Florida. What makes this Farm’s unique is that they grow and sell directly from the farm to the public so you get the freshest produce possible. Relax in a rocking chair and enjoy a complimentary cup of boiled peanuts!

Holland Farms is owned by Bruce Holland. Bruce began farming while in high school during the early 1970s. In the year 1985, he and his wife Diane decided to diversify their farm by growing and selling produce and green peanuts. Most Holland Farms produce is grown on the land that has been in the Holland family for over 100 years. Bruce and Diane have two children – Julie and B.J.

Holland Farms boils peanuts for local high school band boosters, quarterback clubs, and raceways. They provide the green peanuts for the “World’s Largest Peanut Boil” in Luverne, Alabama. Holland Farms can supply peanuts for your next big event!

Address: 2055 Homer Holland Rd, Milton, FL 32570

Tel: +1 850-675-6876

Hours: Monday to Saturday 8:00 am 6:00pm, Sunday CLOSED


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